Membership Drive Extended to 1st October 2021


KSH 60,300

Annual Subcription

KSH 20,000

Monthly Patronage

KSH 1,500

Golf Course

The course is scenic with a seasonal river running through the middle to a dam that supplies water for irrigating the greens, tees and fairways. The golf course went through a major change in 2007 where the former Browns were replaced by Greens which were done to USGA specification and planted with a Bermuda grass species that has adapted well to the local climatic conditions.


Eat, drink and have fun At Sport bar & terace



Golf Course

It is scenic with a seasonal river running through the middle to a dam that supplies water for irrigating the greens, tees and fairways.



At our restaurant we serve hot local meals, Nyama Choma, a variety of drinks and beverages.



It is an extension of our bar providing a lounge-feel, more space and a better view of our green fields.



We have availed modern equipment to help keep you healthier and also boast of experienced fitness trainers.


Snooker Room

Snooker is a mind-engaging sport that is fun and relaxing.In the rooms,we have provided various forms of entertainment.

swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Our clean swimming pool is open to members and non-members on a daily basis.It caters for both children and professional swimmers.

parking page

Parking lot

We have an ample parking space that is used by members and visitors of the club and is always under tight security.

children play park

Children's Play Ground

 We value the importance of a child’s physical and mental development hence we have provided a play ground with swings, climbing frames, slides.

conference hall

Conference Hall

It facilitates events,concerts,business conferences and meetings.It is well-ventilated,spacious and has a public address system to ease communication.

massarge page

Massage Parlour

We have trained masseuse that ensures you leave more relaxed, hence get more productive.



 It is a one-stop shop for all your golfing needs, it is open daily and has a sales team that advises on the best accessories which are fairly priced.

events ground

Events Ground

 The ground is sufficient to host a variety of outdoor ceremonies such as weddings,graduation parties,political rallies, birthdays etc.



Our spacious self-contained cottages have a dining area equipped with hot-water,free WiFi and cable TV.

sport bar


At the sport – bar  members eat, drink and socialize while watching televised news and other events.



Playing game of darts is fun and improves hand and eye coordination. It is a stress relief game.

Join us in the club seven days a week

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